Saturday, January 29, 2011

So I was thinking....

I think one of the things that needs to change in this world are peoples' attitudes about other people. The way you present yourself to another human being is evident, in my eyes, immediately. If you don't care about someone, it shows. This, then, makes the other person defensive, and so on and so forth. In the end you have two people aggressive and for what? That doesn't do anybody any good. It's ridiculous. If the first person comes with an attitude of respect towards this person, just as a fellow human being, then the entire scenario would play out differently.

I wonder if anyone has had that same issue, where someone just comes at you wrong? What happened? How might the encounter have gone if you were approached differently?


  1. I think that is the biggest problem with the world today, people not being honest in their dealings. I hate when you can immediately tell someone is fake. Thanks for writing this. I'm glad you're blogging again. :-)

  2. The human condition - we are often a mess! One of the worst trends has been this lack of empathy and compassion for each other. It makes me think of The Power of One and Pay It Forward. We must start with ourselves. We must get past our own issues and not project them on others. Not an easy task. But many people really do respond in a positive way when you don't react to their disrespect personally.

    This is a topic which people should write songs and make movies about. We need to recognize that there is a problem in order to change.